Spirafix™ Ground Anchors

Spirafix™ the most versatile ground anchoring systems yet devised

Allied Fastenings Limited is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Spriafix™ ground anchors in New Zealand.
  • Spirafix anchors are easy to transport as they stake together 
  • Easy to install and generally require no specialist equipment.
  • Removable leaving virtually no trace therefore requiring little to no remedial ground work.
  • Hard wearing, durable and long lasting if they are used within the installation guidelines.
  • Extremely versatile and can be used as a permanent or temporary fix for securing base plates, brackets, ratchet or tethering straps, bespoke plates, collared eyebolts or scaffold rings.

Technical Data and Load Charts
40mm Spriafix™ Anchor Load Chart
50mm Spriafix™ Anchor Load Chart
75mm Spriafix™ Anchor Load Chart
 Spriafix™ Anchor Data